Hand melted, mixed and poured soy blend candles

My soy candles are made with only the best intentions and ingredients. I melt, mix and pour each and every one. My candles burn between 40-45 hours and thats a continuous burn. They burn evenly and leave very little to no residual wax in the bottom. My glass jars are rated at 900 degrees so they won't crack if you wish to burn them continuously. They are vegan and eco friendly. You can even use the melting wax on your skin as a moisturizer.  One smell of my candles and I know you will be satisfied. Let it transform your space❤


About Us

"All I could see was a flicker. I followed that flicker until it got brighter. The next thing you know, I was surrounded by light. Warm radiant light"

The Light Candle Company was birthed after I went through a dark time in my life. I felt hopeless and low. It took a friend to be a light for me to bring me out. I am thankful. I wanted to create something that would be a symbol of that hope, that light for everyone. A reminder to be that light to someone. We never know what people are going through but if we are kind and compassionate to those we meet, you never know what your simple act of kindness has done or will do in someone's life. Remember to be a light in someone's life today. 


The Light Family!!


Ruth Nash


Ruth is the Owner/Lead Creator. She lets her imagination run free when it comes to creating and mixing scents. A lot of her scents are not your normal candle scents. She strives to strike a sense of nostalgia as our customers smell her candles. She melts, mixes and pours each and every candle she makes with only the best intentions and she hopes you can feel it as you let the scents transform your space!


Matthew Lewis

Scent Mixologist 

Matthew is a unique scent mixologist. He finds the tones under the ones we smell first and whips them into something spectacular. Some of his scents include, Tootsie, Love Supreme, Strawberry Lemonade and Crazy Ed Subscribers. They go fast so get them while they last!!!


Josiah Nash

Scent creator

Josiah is a excellent Scent Mixologist!! His candles always sell out at every event. He tends to mix more forward scents with tones of musk, sweet and savory and deeper scents. Some of his candles include Jojo Musk 1.0, Jojo Musk 2.0 and Joey Drip. 


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Omaha, NE, USA


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"I just got a Pumpkin Spice candle at Farnam Fest. I lit it immediately and it smells amazing!!!"


"Lit my A Million Stars candle today and it is absolutely delightful, thank you"


"The candles smell AMAZING!!! Wonderful service and I love seeing that her beautiful babies are apart of her team. I cant wait to buy more"


"I literally have an addiction! I love candles as it is but supporting Ruth Nash and The Light Candle Company makes it even better! Thanks for the new Linen La Vida candle"